$97.00 USD

Welcome to Breaking Bread

Hey there, my trailblazing friend!

Ready to take your connection game to the next level?

Join me for an unforgettable event, Breaking Bread, happening from Saturday, October 20-22, 2023, between 11am EST and 5pm EST.

We won't just be making sourdough bread magic with flour, water, and salt; we'll also be breaking down those pesky communication barriers and unlocking the secrets to building stronger connections. It's time to level up!

At Breaking Bread, you'll gain invaluable insights into:

🥖 Mastering the art of handling stress and its impact on your communication and relationships.

🥖 Instantly forging deeper and more meaningful connections with those around you.

🥖 Discovering innovative ways to share your newfound wisdom with the world.

Together, we'll be breaking the obstacles to meaningful connections, soar to new heights in communication, and immerse ourselves in a fresh, vibrant community experience.

Don't miss this opportunity to reinvigorate your network and elevate your business game. It's time to break through to a brighter future!