Struggling with Miscommunication, Drama, and Distracted People?

(and sometimes want to run away from it all?)


If you're overwhelmed by chaotic communication, ignored instructions, and misunderstandings, the Breaking Bread Experience is tailor-made for you.

Join us for a LIVE, 3-day, immersive, virtual event and discover how to create the connections you need rise to success

Breaking Bread

October 20-22, 2023, 11am EST - 7pm EST 

The communication and connection skills you need - baked in 

I'm ready to connect!

"Because nobody needs another awkward meeting, boring webinar, or dimly lit ballroom communication training..." Literally Everyone

Unlock the power of effective communication and forge stronger connections, even in the midst of change and new adventures - and learn how to avoid the number one destroyer of relationships 💥


Make your very own, delicious sourdough bread from scratch, even if you can't even make toast, and unlock the captivating, mind-bending connection power of sharing your creative work with the world

Put more 'bread' in your pocket and more happy in your heart! ❤️

Here's what to Expect:

Engage 🎯

Feel like you’ve come home to your people, even if you often work alone – and the discover the single best way to connect through time and space

Get Your Hands in the Dough 🙌

Remember everything you learn, without even trying – and unlock the power of learning like a kid again

Embrace Your Front Row Seat ⭐️

Get the individual attention you need to rise, even if you’re used to doing all yourself, and learn the secret to owning your unique charisma

Join the Party! 💃🕺

Connect like you're in the kitchen at a good party, even if you’ve been stressed out, and discover how to build meaningful friendships without ever leaving home

I'm in! 🙌 (click here)

“Nancy Hand has a terrific presentation style…engaging, humorous, animated, and interesting while remaining focused on the key points of her subject matter - better communication."  Drew Jardine - Vice President, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management


During our day together, you'll:


  • Align with your purpose 
  • Develop our intuition for picking people
  • Transform difficult conversations into  opportunities.
  • Connect with like-minded quality enthusiasts.
  • Bake your very own sourdough bread! 🥖

"I loved that we all shared our loaves at the end! The course as a corporate team building exercise would be amazing! I would definitely join!"

Heera Marway - Engineer, Ontario, Canada

This is for you if:


  • You are a start-up founder growing your company 🥱

  • You are a solo entrepreneur dreaming of creating your dream team 🕺 (←dancing alone)

  • You sometimes feel like you are on the moon 🌛

  •  You are doing 80% + of the work – because you can’t find anybody else to do it right 😣

  • The people side of business is harder than it used to be 🤦‍♂️

  • At least once a day, you think dealing with people just isn't worth it 🏝

  • You need to cultivate new contacts, but the thought of networking exhausts you 💤

  • You’ve noticed little incivilities creeping up in life – secrets, lateness, abruptness, talking over, or worse 🤬

  • You LOVE to multitask/double up/get more for your moment, and can totally dig learning how to up-level your com skills while you bake bread 🥖🤝

  • You're a FOODIE! Duh! You're someone who values quality, appreciates the real deal, and fills your life with lovingly made things 👊 

I see you! Come to hang with us in the kitchen.


The Breaking part: 

Breaking Bread is...

Kindness and mutual respect.

Acceptance and belonging. 

Understanding and supportive community.

The business friend you can call to celebrate a win 🙌 or hash out a challenge.

The friends who pop in for dinner with a bottle of wine 🍷- and not a care in the world about how tidy your place is. And you're cool with it.

When you’re breaking bread, you can relax and be yourself.

Stress can make that kind of connection near impossible.

That’s why, through the magical metaphor of this process, you’ll also discover:

  • What derails connection and communication (and what to do about it)
  • How to connect more clearly, more deeply, and more effectively with the people around you – no matter what the stress level.
  • How to share what you have learned in creative ways

"Gotta say, I impressed my damn self!  Shoutout to Nancy Hand and her Breaking Bread Experience! This was an awesome experience not only making and baking sourdough for the first time ever but also meeting, engaging and connecting with the other fabulous men and women who also signed up for this event"

AnnaMarie Kaminski

"Within the first hour we were all chatting like old friends. I LOVED the way Nancy wove together the sourdough with connection skills. I left with wonderful new friends and a gorgeous loaf of bread."

Karen Molan - Therapist, Tipperary, Ireland

Learn the secrets to Breaking...


Breaking down the barriers to connection, even when you’re tired and overwhelmed, and the one thing you can do to keep disagreement from escalating 🎯


Breaking through to great communication, even when you don’t really like the other person, without feeling like you’re kissing … 🤝


Breaking old habits that cause miscommunication, even if they seem normal, and the secret to creating your new connection style 😝


Breaking into a new experience of community, even if your circle has been shrinking, and the super secret key to having vibrant social and professional networks 💃🕺


The Bread part:

(oh! There's bread, too!) (It's more than a metaphor!)

Your baker's kit will arrive in the mail ahead of time, including your starter, so you can bake along. 

When we bake together, you'll...

  • Learn how to consistently make great sourdough bread - the kind people drool over, the kind that will get you in for a haircut when there's no room on the schedule, the kind that gets you special treatment at the dealership when you get your car serviced
  • Discover what makes sourdough better and healthier than other bread - so you never have to eat the fake stuff again
  • Use your gorgeous loaves to connect in new and fun ways - online and in person
Click here if you are SO ready for this! 🥖

"Okay, Lady! I had so much fun Breaking Bread with you this weekend. And I learned so much from both you AND the other attendees. Thanks for getting me to be social, connect, & have some tasty sourdough."

Melissa Humble - Humblebee Bakes

"A great experience! Nancy coached us through the entire process. Who knew creating sour dough could be so inspirational. A positive and motivating day! A must try event. Thank you, Nancy!!" Dawn Harkins - Harkins, LLC Wealth Management

"Thanks Nancy! It was so much fun! I really enjoyed meeting everyone, and look forward to seeing them again. We are thrilled with our sourdough confidence!" Melanie Aycock - LPC, Louisiana

Now this is especially important...


Because you'll be getting my favorite secret ingredients in my exclusive starter kit, 


you must enroll by October 14, 2023! 

Please share with your friends right away!

Unleash your connection GPS at the Breaking Bread Experience!



Let's Break Bread! 🥖



Ready, set, dough! Before the big day, you’ll get the all the tools and information you need to rise to fully enjoy our adventure together – including a kickoff “tech check” party!


Day 1: Grow

Learn how to cultivate your charisma to create the best connections and turn them into a true support system – just like you would nurture a sourdough starter,


Day 2: Proof

Elevate your communication skills to new heights, just as sourdough dough rises. You’ll discover communication and connection strategies that you can use right away to turn your network into enthusiastic champions of you and your work.


Day 3: Share

It’s the big day – your creation goes into the oven. You’ll discover the secrets of using your new communication expertise to bake-in connection success and reach new levels of understanding.


Join us in kneading your way to meaningful connections and mastering communication at the Breaking Bread Experience.

Let's bake a brighter future together. See you there!

 Special Bonus! 

Lunch & Learn with Speakers

Discover your personal brand 

Yes, you have a brand - even if you don't think you do!

Craft your new story 

New network, new connections, new you. Learn new ways to introduce people to your unique genius.

($497 value)


I'm ready to connect! 🥖



Break Bread in VIP Style! 👑


Get the full Breaking Bread experience

PLUS these awesome VIP Bonuses 💥


Friday Night Pizza Party

Your sourdough starter can  do more than you think! Watch and even play along as we have a beverage while you learn to make the best pizza dough ever!



  The Small Talk Cheat Sheet 

Your ideal companion for those times you have to connect on the fly.

($115 Value)

7 scientifically Proven Ways to be Unleash Your Charisma

Surprise! There are small skillset changes you can make right this very second to elevate your status and captivate your audience.

($150 Value) 

Nancy's Magic Recipes

Sure, sourdough is great all by itself but you can also amp it up with fun additions! Oh and did you know starter can be used for things like ginger cake? Pancakes? English muffins? Even Mardi grad king cake?


Follow-up Group Q&A

After the event we'll come together for a 60-minute Q&A We'll swap notes on how you've been connecting since the event, and you'll get information tailored to your specific needs.

($375 value)

Full Access to Event Recordings!

Want to relive the magic? Need a refresher? Your VIP experience keeps the moment alive! 

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🥖 YES! I want to make magic with flour, water, and salt! 🥖

The facts!

a.k.a why connection and communication are SO important for you as you grow your business!

$7.8 trillion dollars - worldwide cost of lost productivity due to unengaged or actively disengaged employees in 2022

$300 Billion dollars - amount US businesses lost to incivility (rudeness) in 2009 (um, probably a lot more now!)

57% of Americans who quit their jobs in 2021 did so because they felt disrespected at work. 

71% of Americans were willing to accept a pay cut for the right cultural fit.

76% of over 2000 survey respondents in 25 different industries reported experiencing incivility once a month or more 

When employees have been on the receiving end of incivility/rudeness/disrespect:

  • 48% intentionally decreased their work effort.
  • 38% intentionally decreased the quality of their work.
  • 80% lost work time worrying about the incident
  • 78% said that their commitment to the organization declined
  • 63% lost work time avoiding the offender
  • 25% admitted to taking their frustration out on customers 

Meet Nancy Hand

My communication expertise is based on over 35 years of real-world experience and formal training in contract law, mediation, dispute resolution, negotiation, and coaching as well as a passion for communication, learning, and behavior.

But it’s also rooted in my own culinary heritage as a south Louisiana daughter of a food scientist, a foodie (know thyself!), and sourdough baker.

Bread connects. Every culture in the world has a unique bread heritage they celebrate. Breaking Bread brings people together. 

No matter where you are in the world, sharing a meal is an act of community and peace. It's where people communicate, connect, relax, create, and celebrate.

That's what my Breaking Bread events are all about! All of that - and a drool worthy loaf? That's a good day!

🙌 Yes! I'm ready to "bake in" a culture of collaboration!